Planning an event, retreat, or party? Looking for delicious food that's bursting with flavour, without compromising on nutritional value? Look no further. 


Gourmet Raw Food Chef Lisa Simpson combines passion for nutrition through raw vegan food, culinary creativity, and a love of life with an experienced and professional approach to result in sensational, innovative, vibrant and refreshing raw vegan delights. All meals are made from raw and living organic (wherever possible) plant foods and may incorporate processes such as soaking, sprouting and dehydrating.


Lisa is available to cater for your event, wherever you are, throughout the UK.


Please feel free to contact Lisa by telephone 07939 848371 or email for further information, and to discuss your requirements.


"I had the pleasure to enjoy Lisa's food at an iDetox retreat in January 2012. The food was beautifully presented, with wonderful flavour and texture profiles. Lisa exemplifies how raw food is far from boring, on the contrary it is fun and interesting, and one of the most downright delicious styles of cuisine you can discover."


Kate Magic of &

Catering by Lisa

There are many reasons why eating a diet high in raw foods is beneficial such as:
  • preservation of anti ageing enzymes
  • preservation of nutrients often lost in cooking
  • helps you achieve your optimum weight naturally
  • enjoy better texture, flavour and vibrance in your food

    "Lisa Simpson was the chef at the first retreat I attended in the UK, and boy was I in for a treat. Each dish was tasty, balanced, and there was great variety too. I'd highly recommend her for any event cheffing or private parties."


    Philip McCluskey of

    "Lisa Simpson is one of the most accomplished raw vegan chefs I have come across. She manages to combine artistic presentation with uncompromising taste & imaginative food combinations, the sign of a culinary genius. She is a perfectionist and it shows. Always organised & prepared to go the extra mile. You will not find a more dedicated chef. The only woman I know who can spend day & night in the kitchen in heels & a boa without a splash of food on her ;-) She truly rawks ;-)"


    Jenny Yemaya Cook of

    Catering by Lisa