There are a lucky few who go and stay raw with their partner, but in my experience these lucky people are in the minority. There are far more women, like myself, who find that they are embarking on their raw journey alone, either with or without the support of their partners. There are many people out there, like me, who are struggling to make it work, sticking to a raw diet in a cooked family. Whilst wanting to feed your family in the best possible way, there are so many factors conspiring against this. At times it feels as if we’re speaking totally different languages when it comes to food preparation and meal times.

Staying harmoniously raw in a cooked food home can seem daunting, and can be a challenge especially when it comes to preparing different meals for yourself and your family. However, I have good news for you; it is possible, there is no need to compromise; it just takes a little more time and organisation than if you were all eating the same food that’s all!

The recipes featured in this book are based on recipes I prepare at home, for myself and my ‘cooked’ family, and fall into three main categories:

· Some use the same or similar ingredients to the cooked version, for ease of shopping.

· Some provide a substantial raw side to a cooked dish

· Some use different ingredients but provide a visually similar or similar themed meal.

All the raw recipes are included in this eBook, as are many of the accompanying cooked recipes, enabling you to secure your RawLiberty at the Table!

RawLiberty at the Table;

You and Your Not-So-Raw Partner


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What they are saying...


"I was really impressed when I received your e-book on eating raw in a non-raw family. Fantastic presentation and so easy to follow. Especially liked the menu planner/shopping list which takes a lot of the thinking and hard work away. The recipes are fantastic and so do-able. I'm working my way through them and enjoying every morsel - the mushroom pizza is a delight :)


Thank You Lisa!"

Jo Woolley - Mansfield

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