Absolutely necessary

A good knife for cutting and chopping

A good chopping board

A vegetable peeler

A large bowl for mixing salad ingredients

A refridgerator!


I have an Excalibur dehydrator. This is fantastic for making crackers, wraps, bread, cookies as well as softening marinated veggies, and for warming up dishes in cooler months.

What’s in my kitchen?

It can be frustrating when starting out, to flick through recipe books and see the need for specialist equipment such as a dehydrator or a Vitamix, which require a substantial financial outlay. It is possible to eat a creative and varied diet with just a good knife and chopping board! I would recommend that you buy a blender, which is necessary for sauces, smoothies etc.

Great to have!

Food Processor

Many raw foodists use a Cuisinart. My food processor was a wedding present many years ago, which sat at the back of a cupboard until I discovered raw. It now has a new lease of life and is still going strong! They are ideal for grating, chopping, blending pates, mixing ingredients for crackers etc. I also have a mini food processor which is ideal for making single portions. It also grinds nuts and seeds.


Basic centrifugal juicers work by cutting and straining. They can work well with many fruit and vegetables, but struggle with leaves. I burnt out 3 of these before investing in a Champion. Although I love this, it doesn’t cope that well with fibrous greens or wheatgrass. If you’re investing in a juicer, make sure the one you choose meets your needs.

Nut Milk Maker

This isn’t necessary. I bought one then sold it as I preferred to blend my nuts and water and find it therapeutic straining through a nut milk bag!


Sprouting Jars

Growing your own sprouts is simple; wonderful way to eat truly living foods!

Spiral Slicer

These are great for making raw ‘pasta’ from all sorts of vegetables.

Courgettes make wonderful ‘spaghetti’! Although these are relatively inexpensive, a Julienne Peeler works nearly as well.


A Vitamix is not essential although I do love mine and wouldn’t be without it! A basic household blender is a good place to start. Blenders are good for making smoothies, sauces, nut milks, dressings, soups and creamy puddings and ice creams! I also have a personal blender that I use for making smaller amounts of dressings and which is ideal to pack in a suitcase for travelling.

Kitchen Things