Welcome to my home!


My kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of my house, and possibly one of the most organised. Although I follow a raw food diet, I do still cook for the rest of my family, so my kitchen has to be well set out to suit everyone’s needs.


Clearly it is far easier to avoid temptation and stay raw if your kitchen no longer contains cooked food ingredients or equipment. However, for the majority of people, like myself, cooked food still plays a large role in family life and therefore cannot be excluded from the kitchen!


It is therefore important to ensure that your kitchen supports your desire to go raw, inspires you to stay raw, and is a room you love to be in. Your kitchen environment has to serve you and your health goals and mustn’t undermine your efforts.

If you store your raw food equipment in a cupboard you are less likely to use it. I used to keep the food processor in a cupboard, and often it seemed like too much effort to get it out. Then one day I decided to switch the toaster and the food processor round, so the toaster was in the cupboard. My food processor was used far more frequently and it was three weeks before anyone asked where the toaster was!!!


Store the cooked foods you have for your family – but which you don’t want to eat, in one place, away from your raw delights, so that they are not staring you in the face to tempt you. I always have bowls of fresh fruit out on the counter top, and find the family snacking on these rather than going in the cupboards for so called ‘treats’!


Looking for more tips and inspiration for organising your raw-cooked kitchen harmoniously, check out my coaching packages! I will enable you to create the kitchen of your dreams, that will support you in every aspect of your raw food journey.

Stay true to yourself – don’t hide your rawness, or it is likely to stay hidden! Initially my raw food staples were tucked away in a cupboard behind the bin of all places! I quickly realised that this wasn’t supporting my needs and wasn’t reflecting how I wanted to live. My foods are now far more accessible and have their own cupboards, and I’m no longer tempted by ‘junk’.

Lisa's Kitchen